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Simulated Trial with Modified MK7, Anthrax, Germ Warfare

This is a stretcher constructed from space age materials. The aim was to produce a one piece stretcher that satisfies requirements from disasters, military operations, dedicated helicopter work as well as mountain rescue. Already in its short life it has been used on two Everest expeditions (with earlier Macinnes stretchers used on five). It has also been chosen for arduous work in Afghanistan and international rescue.

The stretcher is carried with a pack frame which doubles as a rear shaft carrying harness. Within the folded stretcher is space in which the rescuers' personal equipment can be carried. The compact size of the MK7 stretcher makes it ideal for gaining access to difficult locations and it offers little wind resistance and is compact for mass storage.

Both the folding titanium foot rest & and head protector double as grab handles, especially useful for helicopter use / confined spaces.
When being winched, or horizontally lowered, both shafts fold over the patient, giving further security.

The stretcher shell is constructed from a new composite material of amazing strength, resistance to abrasion and low temperatures with an inner lining of carbon fibre. The inner shell is sandwiched with high impact foam.

See below for more illustrations for the MK7 stretcher.

The MK7 stretcher can be supplied with a six point s/s lifting harness and a quick fitting single wheel unit (see illustration below). The Mk 7 can be unfolded and ready for a patient in a minute by simply unfolding the stretcher and locking the sections. Also available is a MK6 version of the MacInnes stretcher - see Separate Page on MK6.

Weight approximately 10.4 kg.

Dimensions: 2.13m long x 486 mm wide. Folded approx. 500 mm x 1 m x 200 mm.

Patents GB2382994

The video clip below shows the stretcher on a mountain test of the MacInnes in-line jumbo wheel set with cantilever action at Glenmore Lodge MRT, Cairngorms, Coire an t-Sneachda track, September 2011. Mountain rescue experts are confident confident that the jumbo wheels will halve the amount of team members required to carry out a casualty compared to using the standard wheel on the Mk6.

You can view this vide "full screen" by clicking on the four-way arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen.

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