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MK6 Twin Wheel Unit With Twin Wheels and Solid Tyres

In response to the need for stretchers to rescue injured climbers from locations with difficult access and which could be carried by rescuers more easily than the then available stretchers, Hamish MacInnes designed his first folding stretcher in the early 1960's - an early MK1 from that era is illustrated on the right. This was a folding model and made by an aircraft company from aluminum alloy. It weighed about 18 kg. Some of those early stretchers are still in use, even after over fifty years use. Various models of the stretchers are deployed all over the world and thousands of injured climbers have been evacuated.

Known around the world by the name "MacInnes Stretcher" the original design has been developed continuously for the last fifty years and there are currently two main models available - the MK6 and (on a separate page) the MK7.

The two sections of the MK6 are carried to the accident scene on special pack frames, which double as carrying harnesses with a patient on board. This stretcher is rugged, can take enormous punishment as it is designed as a great spring, and is the solution for regions where helicopters are not always available or where strenuous rescues are encountered.

There are various options: head guards, six point winching harness and a selection of wheel systems. The patient bed is of foam covered alloy and patient securing is by 45 mm webbing with quick-action s/s buckles.

The MK6 is 2.2 m overall. Runner width 660 mm. Height 300 mm. Ground clearance: 180 mm. Weight approx 25 kg.

Due to continuing development and the range of options, please contact Glencoe Productions Ltd. for current price and availability.

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Elements of the MK6 MacInnes Stretcher

MK6 Twin Wheel Unit.

Mk6 Double Jumbo Wheel Unit. Note the shock cord acting as dampers.

MK6 detachable head guard. Note shock cord loop for securing guard and helicopter winch harness rear cable (blue) clipped to twin stainless steel anchor pins.

Centre winch cable anchor and showing locking cotter pins. Below is the runners lock toggle.

One tonne weight suspended on Mk6 stretcher for 12 hours without distortion.