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Murder in the Glen

'A rattling good read'
  Glasgow Herald

This is a novel with an ingenious fast moving plot. A Highland Laird is killed by a high velocity bullet. The action doesn't stop there, but escalates in a series of deaths and incidents which appear to hinge round a mountain rescue team.

There are investigators as well as the police, one is a rescuer / poacher, crofter / an expert chess player and a Highland Games competitor. He is, it transpires, talented in criminal investigation and even ballistics.

Also there is a Wee Free minister, a rescue team member, who has a passion for hot motor cycles as well as the Gospel!

An international flavour is introduced with interest in a disused mine. Each chapter carries danger for the team with murder always close to hand. The book is alive with characters and it has a sense of reality as it is written by a world expert on mountain rescue and an international mountaineer.

There is no cheating on the part of the author; the plot is logical but few who-did-it guru's have managed to point a finger at the murderer until the second last chapter - can you do better?

The book was written in the early 1970's and was scheduled to be published, but due to a series of Amazonian get rich expeditions searching for Inca treasure, the Mss was put in a drawer where it remained until recently. It has been published independently with restricted distribution. The result has been prices for second hand copies being advertised for up to 99.00! Relax - you can purchase it for just 6.99, including postage in the UK or 11.99 for delivery to North American, Australian and New Zealand addresses or 8.99 for countries in the European zone.

Just drop an email to Hamish at slowly@gofast.co.uk and he will let you know how to obtain this book.