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International Mountain Rescue Handbook

This fully illustrated guide to mountain rescue techniques has become the standard handbook for mountain rescue teams throughout the world and is used on every continent by those involved in the business of saving lives on mountains. It has been in print ever since it was first published in 1972 and has been updated since then. Author Hamish MacInnes is an acknowledged expert and practioner in the subject who has not only climbed and rescued widely, but has also contributed greatly to safety on mountains by his major involvement in mountain rescue and equipment design. He has been at the forefront of search and rescue for over half a century, leading and training large numbers of climbers in the correct techniques and also in developing equipment such as the first all-metal ice axe and the MacInnes Stretchers. He is recognised as having developed modern mountain rescue in Scotland, including setting up the Search and Rescue Dog Association and the Avalanche Information Service.

The book has 368 pages, and is 21.4cm x 14cm and costs just 18 including postage anywhere in the world.

Just drop an email to Hamish at slowly@gofast.co.uk and he will let you know how to obtain this book.

Reviews of this book have included comments such as:

"One can only gasp and admire the dedicated research that has gone into the making of this textbook... It is difficult to imagine any situation this book does not cover."

"....this book has the finest set of rescue photographs that I have ever seen."
      Search and Rescue Magazine (USA)

....a vital tool for anyone involved in mountain rescue."
      John Donahoe in "Scottish Mountaineer"

The comprehensiveness of the book can be illustrated from this list of the chapter/section headings:

          1. Snow Structure
          2. Avalanches, avalanche search
          3. Avalanche dogs, rescue dogs
          4. Belays, pitons, etc
          5. Bivouacs
          6. Call-out procedure
          7. Stretchers, casualty evacuation, stretcher lowers, cableways, snow lowers etc
          8. Helicopters
          9. Rope clamps and their application for rescue work
          10. Lightning
          11. Location equipment
          12. Searchlights and lighting
          13. Radio communications
          14. Rescue teams
          15. River crossing
          16. The search
          17. Ski rescue
          18. Synthetic fibre ropes
          19. Lowering devices
          20. Tracked vehicles
          21. Winches
          22. Wind tables and charts
          23. Wired ropes
          24. Rescuers' Rough Guide to S.I. Units
          25. New Developments
          26. Conversion formulae
          27. Standard and industry ratings
          28. Bibliography
          29. Comprehensive Index