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"...Ive read it from cover to cover and a great story it is
John Buchan taken into the 21st century.

        - Sir Christian Bonington

This is a fast moving plot with clandestine night raids in north-west Scotland. Some locations are based on real geographical features; for example the Great Stack on the south coast of Sanday.

It is a tale of adventure, danger, mountains and sea; of Templar treasure which is not that far fetched. The writer too has had experience of expeditions to the Upper Amazon in search of Inca treasure but found only adventure and danger, others went mad. His interest in Templar treasure stems from information obtained when writing a guide book on the Highlands.

The central characters are two ex Special Forces officers and a glamorous marine archaeologist who discovered searching for Treasure Trove not without risk. High Tech stealth equipment was deployed to thwart an opposition with ruthless aspirations.

Much research was done compiling this book to provide a logical plot for a nail biting saga.

You can now purchase it for just 6.99, including postage in the UK or 11.99 for delivery to North American, Australian and New Zealand addresses or 8.99 for countries in the European zone.

Just drop an email to Hamish at slowly@gofast.co.uk and he will let you know how to obtain this book.