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Where Eagles Fly Series

The DVDs of the highly successful TV series, 'WHERE EAGLES FLY' vary in length from 48 - 58 minutes duration and depict the very best in Scottish scenery. They have all been produced, directed and mainly filmed by Hamish Maclnnes who has a vast knowledge of the Highlands and Islands.

All the videos are Broadcast Quality, mastered from Digi-Beta and with stereo sound. The music and songs were specially commissioned from the country's leading artists. Singer songwriter Moira Kerr wrote and performed all the songs in the series. Moira's songs can be obtained on CD from moirakerr.com.

The "WHERE EAGLES FLY" series was created by a team of the most talented technicians in the business, from musicians, cameramen, editors, sound engineers to helicopter pilots. Each and every one had a commitment to produce these scenic and musical portraits of excellence.

The aim of these productions, as well as achieving a commercial success, is to make people aware of this unique country. Scotland is one of the most scenic places on earth and it's vital that this heritage is not spoiled for future generations.

Reviewers of the series said:

"Without a shadow of doubt, it is the best programme I have ever seen about Scottish Grandeur",
    James Lang, Daily Record.

Watching this series, it is hard not to get a lump in the throat, Scotland has rarely looked so beautiful."
    Russel Leadbetter, Evening Times.

But if he never does anything else, this will stand as a monument to his eye for beauty."

PLEASE NOTE: The DVDs in this series are now OUT OF STOCK and NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

1. Drifting Away / The Roof of Scotland: Torridon and Applecross

Covers the Applecross - Torridon region of the Western Highlands, a stunningly beautiful area. It is seen as the golden eagle views it, or from the basket of a hot air balloon. This is a programme of the Cairngorms, the highest plateau in the British Isles. The journey takes you round the castle-studded perimeter of this elevated roof then into the very heartland of the mountains, now a winter playground.

2. Land of Mountain and Flood / Everlasting Visions : Lochaber / Loch Maree.

Embraces the wild country of Lochaber, the Ben Nevis area, and the territory to the west and south along the fragmented Atlantic seaboard. From the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest point on the British Isles, we wing our way to the most westerly point of mainland United Kingdom - Ardnamurchan. We also follow the Great Marquis, a remarkable and romantic steam locomotive as it huffs and puffs to Mallaig on one of the dramatic rail journeys in the world.

3. Skye High / Sands of Time: Island of Skye and North-West Scotland.

There is something magical about the island of Skye. It appears to draw you irresistibly into its very heart with its turbulent history and jagged scenery. We do go into its very heart, as only the eagle (or helicopter) can, to witness first hand the grandeur of this fascinating place. The graphic here shows a piper on the Cioch, Cuillin, Skye.

4. Palin's Progress / Glen of Weeping: Aonach Eagach Ridge / Glencoe: Commentary by Michael Palin and Hamish MacInnes.

This is the journey of that great traveller, Michael Palin crossing the notorious Aonach Eagach ridge in Glencoe, the narrowest ridge on the British mainland - and in winter. With his son Tom and Sherpa guide, Ang Pherba, Michael displays the true colours of the intrepid explorer in the teeth of adversity.

5. Scottish Fantasia / Stirling / Trossachs / Loch Lomond / Argyll. Commentary by Sean Connery and Hamish MacInnes.

Sir Sean Connery initially takes you through one of the most scenic corners of Scotland, from Loch Lomond to the islands of the west, including Staffa. This is a video of incomparable beauty, with songs and music that plucks the heartstrings. (Graphic on the right is above Loch Lomond).

6. My Scotland 1: Superb Scottish Tour of the mainland and Skye.

The first of two Odysseys where Hamish Maclnnes' unrivalled knowledge of the Highlands of Scotland enables you to see scenic gems, painstakingly filmed over a period of years. It encompasses scenes from Hadrian's Wall to John O'Groats, a musical and scenic souvenir of this northern land.

7. My Scotland 2: The Northern Isles, St Kilda / Outer Hebrides.

This is a continuation of MY SCOTLAND and takes in the Northern Isles, St. Kilda, the Outer Hebrides and the west of Scotland. It is a blend of wonderful music, song and scenery rarely seen.