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The world famous mountaineer Dr. Hamish MacInnes has climbed and explored the highest mountain regions of the world, and has also contributed greatly to safety on mountains by his major involvement in mountain rescue and equipment design. The MacInnes Stretcher saves lives and is used around the world and his International Mountain Rescue Handbook covers every aspect of search and rescue. Hamish has also created highly acclaimed DVDs on Scotland as well as books of fiction and non-fiction with a mountaineering theme. This Web site gives more background to this leading Scottish winter mountaineer of his generation and information on the equipment, DVDs and books available for purchase.

Hamish MacInnes was born in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland in 1930. He pioneered many new winter routes throughout Scotland, establishing - and for many years leading - the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team. Hamish is recognised as having developed modern mountain rescue in Scotland. He invented the MacInnes stretcher, which is used for rescues worldwide and designed the first all-metal ice axe. In 1975, Hamish MacInnes was deputy leader to Bonington's Everest expedition. He was inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame in 2003....
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Hamish MacInnes designed his first folding stretcher in the early 1960's. Made from aluminium alloy, some of those early stretchers are still in use. The design has been continuously improved over the years and they have been used on five Everest expeditions. The MK6 splits in two and is carried to an accident scene on special pack frames and is extremely rugged. The latest MK7 model, made from space age materials, has amazing strength and resistance to abrasion or low temperatures. This one piece stretcher meets the requirements for disasters, military operations, dedicated helicopter work and mountain rescue. More on MK6 stretcher and more on MK7 stretcher

"Where Eagles Fly" was originally a BBC television series which was directed, produced and narrated by Hamish MacInnes with background music composed and sung by Moira Kerr. It was filmed from the air as if seen by an eagle flying over the main mountainous regions of Scotland. It was then issued as a video series and is now available as seven individual DVDs, each covering a specific area of Scotland....
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Hamish MacInnes has written 26 books on mountaineering, including the "International Mountain Rescue Handbook". Published in 1972 it has been the standard handbook for rescue teams throughout the world and has been revised and updated several times. Hamish MacInnes has also written a number of fiction books, with plots using a mountaineering background, including "Murder in the Glen" and "Errant Nights"... more on books by Hamish MacInnes